Saturday, June 8, 2013

AMA and the model airplanes and helicopters are close too! 5 miles away.

Other exciting things to do in Muncie this summer include the activities hosted by the AMA - The Academy of Model Aeronautics -

We are 5 miles from their air shows and flight fields. Come and stay with us in comfort before jumping into a long day in the sun.

Here is their schedule:




6/14/2013 - 6/16/2013 -- Muncie, IN (C) EXTREME FLIGHT CHAMPIONSHIPS. Site: Intl Aeromodeling Center. Frank Noll CD PH: 217-714-7758 Email: Visit:

6/15/2013 -- Wheeler, IN (C) FLYING FLEA MARKET. Site: Rainford Field. Stanley Zolodz CD PH: 219.662.1199 Email: Visit: Tailgate flea market starts at 9AM. Cost $5. Flying starts at 10AM. Food on site. Sponsor: MIDWEST SUNDOWNER FLYING CLUB

6/19/2013 - 6/20/2013 -- New Haven, IN (C-Restricted) BOB HARTWIG MEMORIAL 25TH ANNUAL OLD TIMER CONTEST. Site: Flying Circuits Field. Karl Pfister CD PH: 260.637.5082 Email: Visit: Bob Hartwig Memorial 25th Annual Old Timer Contest June 19-20, 2013. Entry fees $5 per event; $25 Max. Primitive camping available. Fort Wayne Flying Circuits field. Joe Woodward 260-432-7752 Jay Burkart Sponsor: FT WAYNE FLYING CIRCUITS INC

6/21/2013 - 6/23/2013 -- Muncie, IN (C) NATIONAL ELECTRIC FLY IN (NEFI). Site: Int'L Aeromodeling Center. Jay Smith CD PH: 765-896-8750 Email:

6/22/2013 - 6/23/2013 -- Muncie, IN (AA) 64TH ANNUAL INTER CITY FF MEET. Site: Iac. William Shailor CD PH: 248-398-3786 Email: This is an America's cup and National cup contest. Sponsor: DETROIT BALSA BUGS

6/22/2013 - 6/23/2013 -- Muncie, IN (C) MCCOOK FIELD SQUADRON MEET. Site: Muncie. Thomas Ersted CD PH: 937-456-1908 Email: Sponsor: MC COOK FIELD AERO SQUADRON



7/31/2013 - 8/4/2013 -- Muncie, IN (C) IRCHA JAMBOREE. Site: Ama National Flying Site. David Millner CD PH: 937/215-3371 Email: Visit: Sponsor: IRCHA CRAIG BRADLEY



8/10/2013 - 8/11/2013 -- Muncie, IN (AAA) OLD TIMER NOSTALGIA FREE FLIGHT CHAMPS. Site: Ama Field. Meredith Chamberlain CD PH: 765-643-1885 Sponsor: CENTRAL INDIANA AEROMODELLERS

8/17/2013 - 8/18/2013 -- Muncie, IN (AA) MIST FALL WOODY CONTEST. Site: Iac. Greg Prater CD PH: 765.759.8097 Email: 2013 Fall Woody Contest. Woody rules 2 meter plus unlimited. Bungee ladder plus call-up winch. Come and have some Soaring fun. All are welcome! Site 5, 2.4 only. Sponsor: MID IND. SOCIETY OF THERMALERS

8/24/2013 - 8/25/2013 -- Muncie, IN (AAA) THE FCM AT AMA. Site: Ama Field. Allen Goff CD PH: 765-759-7473 Email: Sponsor: FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN MODELE ALDEN SHIPP

8/24/2013 - 8/25/2013 -- Muncie, IN (AAA) NOFFA ANNUAL FF MEET. Site: Iac. Rudy Kluiber CD PH: 216/226-6838 Email: Sponsor: NORTHERN OHIO FREE FLIGHT ASSN

8/29/2013 - 8/31/2013 -- Muncie, IN (C) INDIANA WARBIRD CAMPAIGN. Site: Muncie. Landis Harper CD PH: 765-533-4324 Email: Sponsor: HENRY CO WRIGHT FLYERS RC CLUB


9/5/2013 - 9/6/2013 -- Muncie, IN (A) FLYING ACES OUTDOOR CHAMPIONSHIPS. Site: Muncie Site. Ralph Kuenz CD PH: 517-240-0208 Email: Sponsor: CLOUDBUSTERS MODEL AIRPLANE CLUB

9/5/2013 - 9/6/2013 -- Muncie, IN (A) MIDWEST CHAMPS. Site: Muncie Ama Site. Andrew Latowski CD PH: 269.580.5814 Email: 2 days of Old Timer RC & Free Flight events held in conjunction with FAC Nats. RC Events-1/2A, CIGN, Brown JR, LER, A/B Glow combined, Electric LMR, Speed 400(both days)- Friday- C Glow LER, Texaco comb. O&R sideport, Fox A Coy, Electric Texaco. Sponsor: MODEL ENGINES COLLECTORS ASSOC

9/5/2013 - 9/6/2013 -- Muncie, IN (C) MIDWEST CHAMPS. Site: Muncie. Meredith Chamberlain CD PH: 765-643-1885 

9/7/2013 - 9/8/2013 -- Muncie, IN (C) RC SKYDIVER RALLY. Site: Muncie Field. Guy Mcintire CD PH: 765-741-8348 Email: Brought to you by; Central Indiana Skydiving Team and Wright Flyers at AMA national flying site. Time- 10AM-4PM Saturday and Sunday. Contacts- Guy McIntire CD- 765-744-6930, Marland McIntire 765-212-5840 or email Sponsor: HENRY CO WRIGHT FLYERS RC CLUB

9/7/2013 - 9/8/2013 -- Muncie, IN (AAA) CIA REGIONAL FF CHAMPS. Site: Ama Field. Phil Sullivan CD PH: 765/640-2921 Email: Sponsor: CENTRAL INDIANA AEROMODELLERS

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