Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Notes from the guests

Here are some of the entries in our guest register and journal from this year. We appreciate the kind words and are delighted to have such wonderful guests stay with us.

-- Very relaxing and enjoyable stay. Everything was wonderful and beautiful. (D. & G., May, 2013)

-- Thank you so much for the wonderful stay. You have a beautiful place. We really enjoyed staying here. We hope to come back for the race next year. (M. R., July, 2013)

-- What an amazing place to stay at. Thank you so much for the great care and wonderful food. It was a very peaceful place to stay. Thanks for everything. (W. M., July, 2013) 

-- Thank you for such a nice place and so comfortable! One our favorite B&Bs now :) (B. & T., July 2013)  

-- This was our first experience at a bed and breakfast and we loved it! I think we will never go back to hotels! This property is lovely and you are wonderful people. I especially enjoyed meeting a REAL LIVE PRINCESS! It was great! (E., July, 2013)

-- We enjoyed our stay and will share the story of our stay with others. We liked the connection to Saudi and appreciated the kind attention to detail in the hospitality provided. 
The thought come to me that directing ESL students and international students and friends to a bed and breakfast like yours, would be a warm welcoming introduction to America. You made us so comfortable and we are so glad we came. Thank you! (F. & C., July, 2013)


  1. Thank you. We really enjoy our guests and hope that they feel welcome and comfortable. You can check out more current reviews on Trip Advisor.

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